Alpenhain Roadshow 2021

As part of a Germany-wide roadshow, the “Alpenhain BUSserl” toured through Germany from June to August 2021, serving Alpenhain cheese specialties to supermarket customers and passers-by.

On June 8th, 2021 the “Alpenhain BUSserl” started in Munich and drove to five other major German cities during the further course of the roadshow. The stylishly decorated food truck stopped in front of various supermarkets to provide customers and passers-by with specially prepared Alpenhain delicacies. All the specialties created were very well received!

G.R.A.L. was responsible for the entire implementation: from the equipping of the food truck, the graphic and decoration concept and the selection of the cooking team to the creation of the recipes, the coordination with authorities, agencies and service providers and the process and travel management for all people involved.